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Some Great examples of Eye Macros

Towards the end of 2011 I was working on a Christmas present project for a client company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The idea was to create an eye portrait for each of their employees.

The photos below are some of the results.

igp8608 igp8707 igp9299

Some people came up with an idea if we could only keep the iris in color:

igp8733 igp8778 igp9210



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Flowers Gallery Update: November 2011

We are currently updating our flowers gallery, by adding several new flowers:

White Crocus Fascination

White Crocus Fascination

Red-White Gerbera

Red-White Gerbera

Pasque in Pink Macro

Pasque in Pink Macro

Yellow Chrysanthemum

Yellow Chrysanthemum Fascination
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Coming Soon

Hi and welcome to my portfolio page,

The blog is a recent addition to my portfolio page, and will feature my work, both in terms personal projects and contract work. If you came to this page looking for Digital Photography Student, it still exists :-) , and it is moved to a separate page: http://www.digital-photography-student.com, so if that was what you are looking for, please update your bookmarks.

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